Sunday, January 12, 2014



We do lots of walking, up hills, down hills, through streets, across bridges, on pavement, in circles, with groups, for charity, for our health, and many other reasons we walk. I think mainly we walk to take us from point A to point B.  My point to walking is, it takes our legs for us to be able to walk.  I am very thankful to have both of my legs, not toned, muscular legs, but none the less my very on set.  However, I find it unsettling to my soul when someone ask me why I limp.  Mind you I don't limp all the time, only when I am tired or am wearing those high heel shoes that are not good for posture or feet anyway.  When asked this question it is not something I want to expound on as it would be a lengthy explanation leading to my life history, which is no ones business except those who I choose to share it with.  I ALWAYS get extremely nervous answering this question, goes back to childhood wanting not to be different, and I am stumped for an answer so, most of the time I am not sure what I answer because I have one of those out of body experiences where you say something but you don't remember what. As age has conquered some of my fears I try to handle this question with courage and the realization of giving a short answer, be it the truth or my choice at the time, will send them on their way.  Yes, we all look at people limping wondering what has caused them to walk in this manner, is it because we are curious or just plain ignorant and uncaring of others feelings?  Next time you find yourself staring at someone walking in a manner you find unlike your perfect stride, try to put yourself in their circumstances and your glare should become softer and kinder. 

Now go out and walk!